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introducing FUTURA

We want to revolutionaize materials' world, through innovation and constant developments. Thanks to our laboratory we are always studing solutions process to improve materials and their applications. We belive in a smart future, focused on sustenibility of materials and ecological processes. The reason why we proposed our services to innovative companies, for an

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We provide solutions

Futura-Technologies is proposed as partner of companies that wants to improve their technological skills.

We operate very close to our custumers needs, to provide strategic solutions for your best production.


Research & Development

Our main vision it's to make the future, the reason why we spent all of our energies on research & development.

We work in team with customers also to give them our support to develop their own projects.


Product Design

We are able to support our customers in the whole evolution process of their products.

Suggesting the best applications for materials, starting from paper ideas to industrialization.


Our Mission

Our innovative mission is to create solutions to ever new problems or needs.

Through our experience and passion we respond to market needs, taking into account the context, the actors involved and the nature of the innovative project.


Know How

We are constantly updated on the state of the art and on materials, we are always studying new applications,

and through our laboratory we are able to develop processes and methods, as well as to study, to analyze and produce new materials that can be placed on the market.

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Our achievment is to suggest the best tech strategy to improve their business,

offering best materials and processes or creating new ones.


Thanks to our workshop, we are able to make prototypes and small productions of items of any kind, always offering the solution that best suits your needs

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We are constantly looking for innovative solutions,

we study the chemistry and physics

of the elements to create efficient and competitive materials


Starting from a prototype, or from an object that needs to be reconstruct or to be analyze

through the process of

reverse engineering  

obtain the related CAD model

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We offer a series of tools that allow our customers to respond to market opportunities,

relying mainly on internal resources, for constant evolution.

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Together we can understand how the work happens inside the organization and how well the business achieves its goals.

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We want to offer to companies innovative and alternative production processes, to bring benefits in time production, logistic managment, keeping quality standard high.

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We conceptualize and evaluate ideas, transforming them into tangible inventions and products.

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We target our 3D printing services mainly to the industrial and craft sectors, proposing particularly new solutions and tech materials.


We can transform your ideas into finished and detailed components.

CAD design is applicable

to all industrial sectors,

and is essential in the study and construction of components.


We are working on automation, we are working on improve producting lines with robots.

A new way of interpreting the creation of metal parts with complex geometry, being able to realize metallic objects from melting powder

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